Self-powered flow regulator for floodwater retention facility on the Sulzberger Bach

The construction of the flood retention reservoir on the Sulzberger Bach stream in Oberallgäu is a measure designed to protect the town centre of Sulzberg from flooding in the future. In the last few years, even lesser storm events have revealed the watercourse to be a high-water threat to the town whose name it shares.

The Sulzberger Bach stream will be dammed upstream for the FCR in the area of two villages, Ried and Obermindendorf, so that a flood retention zone is created in the terrain.

The project contractor is the Free State of Bavaria, represented by the Water Management Authority of Kempten.

In order to guarantee reliable functioning of the FCR Steinhardt GmbH engineered a self-powered flow regulator that limits the constant outflow from the reservoir to 2.4 m³/s.

HydroMaxx, the active flow control, is mounted upstream and takes the form of a movable plate controlled by a custom-designed, patented regulator mechanism that uses a vertically moving float to keep the flow constant irrespective of water level.

The bespoke discharge control was developed by Steinhardt engineers specifically for the project and was manufactured entirely of stainless steel at our production site in Taunusstein, Germany.