Top marks for Steinhardt
HydroSlide Automatic Regulator Type GM

In February 2018 the Institute for Underground Infrastructure, IKT, carried out independent product testing on flow regulators. Six hydro-mechanical throttling devices for storm basins were examined and compared. During testing, the HydroSlide Automatic Regulator Type GM was awarded full points in the rubric Hydraulic Function. Out of the 6 regulators put to the test, one gained an overall rating of “good”, three were judged as “satisfactory” and one labelled as “inadequate”. One device was disqualified.

Further information can be found on the IKT homepage. The detailed test results can be downloaded here.

Citations from the test certificate:

“Overall impression
The throttle attained the mark “very good” during the hydraulic function test phase I with 25 l/s (Mark 1.3), whereby evaluation of the individual criteria fell between 1.0 and 2.0.

The throttle attained the mark “good” during the hydraulic function test phase II with 10 l/s (Mark 1.8). Here, the assessment of the individual criteria lay between 1.0 and 2.5.

De-plugging reliability of the HydroSlide Automatic Regulator GM was rated with the mark 3.0. No risk of blockage occurred during tests using wooden sticks, stoneware shards, bricks and core samples. Testing with hygiene articles (singly and as a mass) resulted in the activation of the automatic de-plugging process. The system was awarded the mark 1.2 for its condition at the end of the test phase.

Quality assurance was marked with 3.5. The supplier provided 4 of 9 criteria (Regulator key technical data; Scope of guarantee; Operating, Maintenance and Installation Guide; External monitoring credentials).”