Successful retention of heavy rainfall by means of the HydroSlide V-type flow regulator

After days of rainfall in the Nong Yai district of the Thai province of Chonburi, the newly installed HydroSlide V-type flow regulator was able to prove its reliability.

The orifice plate of the VN-type discharge controller, which has been installed in a new stormwater overflow basin, is moved vertically in front of the passage opening by means of a float mechanism. In this way, it regulates the flow automatically and without external energy to the set maximum flow rate.

The pictures, taken on 5th May 2020, show the overflow basin with the control element and the submerged discharge opening with a maximum diameter of 1.3 metres. The control mechanism, which is protected from floating refuse, regulates the flow to a maximum of 3.3 m³/s, thus preventing the drainage channel from overload and the adjacent residential and construction areas from being flooded.

The newly constructed stormwater overflow basins are a vital part of extensive infrastructure measures for a new industrial estate of more than 350 hectares and of correspondingly great importance for the entire region. The Chief Engineer of the project developer, WHA Industrial Development, was so satisfied after the successful “baptism of fire” that he expressed his thanks in writing with a “well done” letter.