Professional repairs for shorter standstill phases and better environmental protection

Quick and professional repair work reduces not just standstill time and related costs – it offers greater protection against possible damage to the environment and resulting prosecution. Our service personnel with their extensive knowledge and wide experience, along with their high degree of flexibility, are there to help you to avoid such cases.

We inspect each system, compile a report and, whilst onsite, issue an offer based on the inspection report. We do this during maintenance so that incidental necessary repairs can be contracted and completed at short notice. Our parallel system saves you time and money. When the repair work is completed, we carry out a functional check and put your system back into operation, the system is handed over to the operator and the repair report issued.

Caution: Special care must be taken when working in sewers! Every member of the Steinhardt team has undergone training and is in possession of protective personal equipment in line with the requirements laid down by the trade association and by legal regulations for this particular working environment. In order to enhance safety, specialised training is carried out in-house on an annual basis.