Steinhardt emphasises sustainability at CUWA’s 14thconference in Suzhou

Jörg Steinhardt held a keynote speech on sustainability at the China Urban Water Association’s 14th international conference at the end of November 2019. In co-operation with Steinhardt GmbH’s Chinese partners, Gu Hong, “Selected energetic optimised processes and techniques for stormwater basins and separating structures” were presented. Of particular relevance were the ecological low-energy solutions such as the HydroSelf Gate Flushing System, the external energy-free operating sewer switch, HydroSwitch, and the brush screen, HydroClean, which runs on water power. The successful adaptation of this equipment for the Chinese market was an added attraction for the audience of professionals.

Also convincing was the pilot plant at Chizhou, a two-phase combination comprising a HydroScreen fine bar screen and a HydroMESI particle separator, whose efficiency has been scientifically proven within the framework of a LOEWE research project.

The public’s approval confirmed Steinhardt’s philosophy of designing efficient processes which preferably require no power source and of constructing robust, retro-fittable technology tried and tested under real operating conditions.