Hydro 4.0 – Digital Networking

Real-time control for increased operational safety and convenience

Steinhardt goes digital

Hydro 4.0: All Steinhardt GmbH’s systems can be networked and programmed for remote servicing as per customer request. No onsite visit is needed.

Since most operators do not know exactly which plants they have in their portfolio, Steinhardt GmbH offers the service of digitalizing plants and stock. We put a name to the product, record the serial number, order number, installation location, the drawings available to us, as well as plant-specific settings or, for example, in the case of throttle valves, the drains. In consultation with us, you determine which data you require. We prepare the documentation and can provide you, for example, with discharge curves for your recurring annual inspections.

We would be pleased to draw up a digital inventory of your treatment plants and their various equipment.