• Maintenance

Regular care of your equipment assures its long life and safe operation

Regular maintenance and long years of experience plus the comprehensive expertise of our team guarantee long and wear-resistant operation of Steinhardt plants.

Maintenance profiles

Steinhardt GmbH offers service not just for Steinhardt products and components but also for complete systems or solutions such as stormwater basins. Our professional team carries out maintenance on the following bases:

  • A single inspection as per customer order
  • Regular maintenance contracts with annual renewal
  • Maintenance orders to extend the warranty period, for instance from one to four years, or per client request

Scope of inspection

Steinhardt GmbH offers the following tests:

  1. Mechanical testing (with and without water)
  2. Electrical testing (with and without water
  3. Electro-hydraulic testing (with and without water)
  4. Pneumatic testing (with and without water)

Our fitters analyse the situation on-site; the results can form the basis of an offer for a more comprehensive repair schedule.  If the necessary measures cannot be carried out promptly, the equipment can be shut down as required.

A service and inspection report, including recommendations, is compiled for all scheduled maintenance work and the equipment brought back into operation.

The reliable operation of sewerage systems is based on regular inspection. We at Steinhardt GmbH can provide training and certification for your maintenance staff. Alternatively, our service staff who are completely familiar with the Steinhardt products can undertake the work for you. Modern and well-equipped service vehicles enable smaller repair jobs to be completed reliably and speedily on-site.

Equipment in the sewers presents a particular challenge: during a routine inspection, not just the equipment has to be kept in a state of operational readiness; the surroundings undergo a visual check as well. Stoppages, deposits, excess backflow, abrasive materials, clay etc. can critically shorten the life of equipment. Regular maintenance safeguards the machinery, guarantees safe operation and preserves its value.

Caution: Special care must be taken when working in sewers! Every member of the Steinhardt team has protective personal equipment in line with the requirements laid down by the trade association, by legal regulations and by the Steinhardt Company Instructions.