Generation change at MevaPol
opens up new perspectives

For over 20 years, MevaPol has been the exclusive distributor of Steinhardt products in Poland. The fruitful cooperation with Steinhardt GmbH continues, too, following the recent generational change at MevaPol. Krystina Taylor, the previous owner of Mevapol, has sold her shares and handed over the company’s business to her son-in-law, Pawel Meissner, who is the new managing partner. The family business is now in its 2nd generation.

Mr. Meissner has been successfully active in IT development in internationally operating companies and so contributes extensive know-how in the areas of telecontrol and control technology. His experience in connection with the extended product range of the ABIONIK Group opens new perspectives for the Polish market.

During an inaugural visit the “young generation” of MevaPol and Steinhardt got to know and appreciate each other. During intensive discussions, common interests were discussed, synergies were developed and new market opportunities were considered.

All in all, a promising new start for tried and tested business relations, both for MevaPol and Steinhardt GmbH as part of the ABIONIK Group.

From the right:
Ingo Mayer (CEO Steinhardt GmbH), Jurika Lutter (Management Assistant), Pawel Meissner (CEO MevaPol), Olaf Scheerer (Deputy CEO), Oliver Stiehl (Technical Director)