Our Philosophy

Success with sustainable concepts and innovative products

Steinhardt GmbH Wassertechnik (Steinhardt Water Technology Ltd.) has been specialized in wastewater management for about 30 years. At our site in Taunusstein about 45 employees develop creative and unconventional ideas for efficient products and processes. They are innovations, which reduce capital expenditures and operating expenses and are recognized throughout the world.

This success is due to our philosophy: We offer customer-oriented and innovative solutions by using existing resources, e. g. hydropower. We are always a step ahead with our innovations and our research, according to our principle “Save money and save nature”. We provide solutions which are robust, reliable, cost-effective and nearly maintenance-free. For the user this means a high economic benefit.

Consulting architects and engineers, designers, authorities, communities, cities and industry are among the target groups for our environmental treatment plants.They all can rely on the quality of our work, which is constantly high – for a good reason: We are certified according to ISO 9001 and we have welding certificates. Another reason why we are internationally reknowned is that we have also been honoured with two “ErnstKuntze” prizes, and with the DWA award for inventors. Moreover, we won the “WEF Innovative Technology Award 2007” in the USA. By now we have numerous national and international agencies.

We are excellent as one of the most innovative companies in Hesse: