Using the power of water ...

… for an efficient cleaning of sewers and tanks

Quality made in Germany …

… for flood retention and flood protection

Keeping our waters clean …

… with stainless steel innovations

Durable technology under ground …

… for clean water on the surface

Steinhardt GmbH Water Technology Systems

Sustainable Innovations made of Stainless Steel

Our core competences cover a wide spectrum
  • storm and waste water treatment
  • floodwater protection
  • water purification
  • drive and EMSR technology
  • after-sales and consultation services
For over 35 years Steinhardt GmbH Water Technology Systems has specialised in the development and manufacture of products for urban water management. Our advanced regular product lines set standards in functionality and quality. In addition, we engineer special constructions tailored to our customers’ individual requirements.
Our comprehensive product portfolio ranges from flow regulators, penstocks and weirs to flushing equipment and screens. We produce separators for storm water treatment and high-grade solutions for water purification, sewer management and flood protection.

Made in Germany

Modern laser technology guarantees high-precision cutting of product components and provides the basis for the consistently high quality of our stainless steel products. On-site production facilitates an effective, flexible workflow and manufacturing process, enabling the successful development of not just our own but also your ideas.
For Steinhardt “Made in Germany” stands for sustainable and certified quality.

It‘s the service that makes the difference

• The Steinhardt team combines interdisciplinary skills from the fields of mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering to produce innovative and sustainable solutions, tailored to your individual needs.

• Most of our products are low-maintenance and operate without an external power source. In terms of investment this means savings of up to 90% whilst for servicing 100% is possible.

• Our experienced team can supply professional, specialised advice and planning assistance for practically all matters concerning water management – on-site service included.

• To guarantee proper operation, we offer maintenance carried out by our own team of fitters or by our regional partners, all of whom are trained and certified. We take care of servicing and refurbishment and can carry out remote online maintenance.

• To enhance the development of our innovative product range we are actively involved in a whole range of research projects at home and abroad, for example in such international projects as CENTAUR (GB/F/P/D) or SIGN and SINOWATER (D/CH).
Our ongoing collaboration with universities and technical high schools in Sheffield, Zurich, Coimbra or Tongjij, guarantees that our products are always state-of-the-art.

Welcome to the heart of Europe – welcome to Steinhardt

Portrait of Steinhardt Water Technology Systems:

Our references speak for themselves

In the last 35 years Steinhardt Water Technology has realised numerous projects in over 72 countries.
Here are just a few examples: