Steinhardt DilliGent® ScaleTec

No more limescale problems!
No chemicals or electricity required

The Challenge

Limescale deposits in piping, taps, hot-water boilers and all water-circulating systems

Hard limescale deposits often spell the end of service for many taps, water-circulating machines and systems. Over time limescale deposits build up in pipework too and inhibit the free water flow. Additionally, hot-water boilers or industrial systems affected by this problem consume considerably more energy or electricity and this results in higher operating costs. Costly repair work or replacement equipment are often required; particularly in hard-water areas this problem is all too common.

The Solution

The DilliGent® ScaleTec with its environmentally-friendly, physical water treatment provides the answer. The compact DilliGent® ScaleTec units are connected to existing cold and/or hot water cycles and operate on the throughflow principle. The unit’s capacity depends on the dimensions of the existing system.

The Way

The DilliGent® ScaleTec water treatment technology is environmentally-safe; its operation is based on high-energy industrial permanent magnetic systems. Several rings of magnets create an alternating magnetic field. As the water flows through the magnetic field, the water ions change direction. The calcium crystals lose their natural bonding force and so cannot form solid limescale deposits.

A further benefit is the decrease of water surface tension. The installation of the DilliGent® ScaleTec reduces the quantity of detergent and cleaning products required. DilliGent® ScaleTec has magnetic field shielding to prevent magnetic emissions; electrical equipment in the vicinity of the DilliGent® ScaleTec will not be affected. The DilliGent® ScaleTec units require no electrical connection, they are quick and easy to mount, have a long service-life and are completely maintenance-free.

The Advantages

  • safe, sustainable prevention of limescale
  • breakdown of existing limescale deposits
  • hard water stabilisation without chemicals
  • no mineral loss in the water
  • environmentally-friendly
  • low space requirement, easy installation
  • maintenance-free, no operating or incidental costs
  • long-life technology
  • no electricity required
  • complete magnetic field shielding, no interference for electrical equipment

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