Steinhardt DilliGent®

Process water treatment without chemicals –
with effective use of cavitation

The Challenge

All process­es involv­ing inter­ac­tion with water are prone to the risk of patho­log­i­cal con­t­a­m­i­na­tion. Biofilm and algae growth are a fre­quent cause of increased ener­gy, main­te­nance and oper­at­ing costs, as well as con­sti­tut­ing a health haz­ard to work­ers and con­sumers and a poten­tial dan­ger to the environment.

To tack­le this prob­lem Stein­hardt GmbH and Dil­li­gence Sys­tems GmbH, a Ger­man com­pa­ny with more than thir­ty years of expe­ri­ence in the field of process water treat­ment, have joined forces to cre­ate inno­v­a­tive water purifi­ca­tion sys­tems that guar­an­tee a max­i­mum degree of hygiene and clean­li­ness with­out the addi­tion of chemicals.

The Way – Hydro-mechanical Cavitation

The Stein­hardt Dil­li­gent® Process Water Treat­ment Sys­tems make effec­tive use of cav­i­ta­tion, i.e. the implo­sion of tiny gas bub­bles in flu­ids. Our sys­tems employ the ener­gy released by the implo­sion of the gas bub­bles to elim­i­nate organ­ic mat­ter such as bac­te­ria, germs, yeasts and moulds. The microbes are mechan­i­cal­ly destroyed and then dis­posed of by nat­ur­al oxidation.

The Products

Simple Integration into Your System

  • All Dil­li­Gent® units can be inte­grat­ed into exist­ing sys­tem tech­nol­o­gy as bypass system
  • Low space requirement
  • Quick and easy to fit

Advantages of DilliGent® Process Water Treatment Units

  • Break­down of organ­ic mat­ter, bac­te­ria, germs, moulds, yeasts
  • Removal of exist­ing algae or biofilm layers
  • Reduc­tion of sur­face tension
  • Long-term secu­ri­ty and con­trol of water hygiene
  • No chem­i­cals required
  • Sav­ings in ener­gy, main­te­nance and oper­at­ing costs
  • Effec­tive health safe­ty for work­ers and con­sumers, envi­ron­men­tal protection


Visualization of the cavitational effect

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