Steinhardt DilliGent®

Process water treatment without chemicals –
with effective use of cavitation

The Challenge

All processes involving interaction with water are prone to the risk of pathological contamination. Biofilm and algae growth are a frequent cause of increased energy, maintenance and operating costs, as well as constituting a health hazard to workers and consumers and a potential danger to the environment.

To tackle this problem Steinhardt GmbH and Dilligence Systems GmbH, a German company with more than thirty years of experience in the field of process water treatment, have joined forces to create innovative water purification systems that guarantee a maximum degree of hygiene and cleanliness without the addition of chemicals.

The Way – Hydro-mechanical Cavitation

The Steinhardt Dilligent® Process Water Treatment Systems make effective use of cavitation, i.e. the implosion of tiny gas bubbles in fluids. Our systems employ the energy released by the implosion of the gas bubbles to eliminate organic matter such as bacteria, germs, yeasts and moulds. The microbes are mechanically destroyed and then disposed of by natural oxidation.

The Products

Simple Integration into Your System

  • All DilliGent® units can be integrated into existing system technology as bypass system
  • Low space requirement
  • Quick and easy to fit

Advantages of DilliGent® Process Water Treatment Units

  • Breakdown of organic matter, bacteria, germs, moulds, yeasts
  • Removal of existing algae or biofilm layers
  • Reduction of surface tension
  • Long-term security and control of water hygiene
  • No chemicals required
  • Savings in energy, maintenance and operating costs
  • Effective health safety for workers and consumers, environmental protection


Visualization of the cavitational effect

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