• HydroSlide Automatic Regulator Type GM
HydroSlide® Automatic Regulator Type GM

External energy-free flow regulator with automatic obstruction clearance

The Challenge

Modern management concepts recommend throttling organs with perpendicular flow curve for discharging storm water, combined sewage or wastewater. These organs must provide precise discharge limitations independent of impounding heights in basins, storage areas, overflows, treatment plants and separators.

The Solution

The optimal discharge cross-section is set by a vertical throttle plate that is controlled mechanically by a float arm (rotating to the left, to the right or to the front) whose position is determined by the varying water levels. Thus, a constant discharge of ± 5% is guaranteed. All HydroSlide Flow Regulators are delivered without initial flush (see technical documentation). However, an initial flush is useful for cleaning sewers with light discharges; in such cases the HydroSlide Automatic Flow Regulator Type GM can be adapted to any required setting. The regulators have a double valve. When plugging occurs the regulator opens completely until the obstruction has been flushed out. The plate lowers and the HydroSlide Automatic Regulator Type GM continues the regulating operation. All regulators are provided with profiling aid. If the shear stress in the inflow area is not sufficient, a stainless-steel flume can be installed.

IKT Winner in Product Test for Throttle Organs 02/2018

More Information: here
You can download a detailed overview here.

The Advantages

  • automatic opening for blockage clearance
  • simple, robust construction
  • rope pulley – manual opening from above ground (up to and incl. DR 250)
  • control mechanism protected by housing
  • no sole jump
  • without initial flush
  • wet installation avoids separate shaft
  • favourable discharge cross-section during throttling
  • adaptable for other discharge parameters by exchanging disc cam
  • optional: VARIO function for Qabsetting
  • optional remote control
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