Technology made in Taunusstein protects against monsoon flooding in Thailand and Vietnam

A huge stormwater retention basin, partly with dammed embankments, has been constructed at the new industry park WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial State 4, in Rayong, Thailand, to safeguard against monsoon flooding.  The no-maintenance and power-free flow regulator HydroSlide MINI DR 1400, here with an outflow of 4,000 l/s, protects the lower lying area against stormwater overflow . The project began in 2018 and went into operation in June 2019 following the successful fitting of the HydroSlide regulator.

The enormous stormwater retention basin will provide temporary storage for the immense volumes of rain that fall during the monsoon period. After the rainy season, the water can flow at a controlled rate into the receiving waters. It is mostly large internationally operating concerns that have settled in the industry park and have required protection against annual flooding, thus ensuring their uninterrupted production capacity.

Steinhardt works closely together in planning and implementation of flood protection projects with our local agency in Thailand, Hydroconcept Asia Co., Ltd., and in Vietnam with Vietnam Siam Trading Co., Ltd.

The first successfully completed projects to provide benefits for the local population can be viewed in the photos that show the erection of mobile flood protection at several locations within the Bangkok metropolis. Around 20 tons of stainless steel frames and aluminium profiles were shipped from our production line at Taunusstein, Germany, for the 35 gateways and entrance which have been equipped with protective measures.