Steinhardt in on the planning of Shanghai’s mammoth deep tunnel reservoir

In order to minimise the risk of flooding and unwanted overspill into receiving waters during storm events, the city of Shanghai is planning a 15 km-long tunnel with a diameter of 10 meters beneath the River Suzhou.

Specialists from the Technical University of Munster as well as colleagues from GuHong Environmental Engineering, Steinhardt’s Chinese branch agents, are working in the inter-disciplinary group of experts presently occupied with developing sustainable plans for mechanical pre-treatment of huge volumes of combined sewage before its temporary storage. Pre-treatment is necessary in order avoid odour problems and sedimentation which, in the long-term, have a negative impact on storage volume. A first 1.6 km long test stretch of the tunnel is already under construction. The test stretch will provide concrete data that will be collated and applied in the realisation of the mammoth project.