HydroSlide® Flow Regulator Type MINI

Compact regulator with rotating plate
suitable for the greatest discharges
no electrical power required

The Challenge

Modern hydraulic management concepts require throttling devices to be considered. The ideal is where the flow curve is perpendicular providing a constant discharge. Throttling controls are required for foul and surface water systems, for watercourses and river control. These regulating devices are required to provide precise discharge control throughout the regulating range. 

The Solution

The HydroSlide® Flow Regulator Type MINI is a simple, robust stainless-steel designed regulator with brass / PE bearings. The compact design makes it possible to enable simple control structures to be designed to house this regulator. Its compact design guarantees a high degree of reliability whilst remaining practically maintenance-free. The MINI regulator is designed to continually regulate the flow rate throughout the operating range of water level. The regulating of the discharge begins when the water level rises. The float rises as the water level increases which in turn rotates the orifice plate to reduce the orifice area to maintain a constant head / flow relationship. The constant discharge flow is attained from an impounding head of approx. 1.0 x DN.

The robust mechanics of the HydroSlide® Flow Regulator Type MINI, make it an ideal choice for flood retention operations.

The Advantages

  • no external power source, no electricity
  • perpendicular Q/H line
  • simple, low-cost flow regulator
  • range from small to largest impounding heads
  • for small structures
  • no sole jump
  • float fixed directly on the swivel arm
  • installation up to DR 3.5 x DR
  • float rotates to left or right
  • model with double plate for small flows up to and incl. DR 200
  • robust construction
  • easy fitting
  • low on maintenance
  • optional with hand pulley up to and incl. DR 250
  • adaptable for other discharge parameters by exchanging disc cam
  • optional: VARIO function for Qabsetting
  • optional remote control
Steinhardt HydroSlide