• HydroSwitch® Sewage Switch
HydroSwitch® Sewage Switch

The cost-effective and reliable solution
for diverting wrongly-connected foul flow
out of surface water sewers

The Problem

In many urban areas, there are foul drains con­nect­ed to the sur­face water sys­tem. This has occurred for a num­ber of rea­sons and it is some­times very dif­fi­cult to find where these con­nec­tions are. These con­nec­tion errors show up main­ly at the Sur­face Water dis­charge point at a water­course. The expen­sive solu­tion is to sur­vey the sys­tem to locate where the con­nec­tions are and then car­ry out con­struc­tion works to remove each one individually.
This could take many years and gen­er­ate high costs. To avoid this, the HydroSwitch® flow diver­sion sys­tem was designed and has been used in some of the major urban areas to remove the pol­lu­tion nui­sance. 

The Solution

With the HydroSwitch®, Stein­hardt pro­vides a safe, tried and test­ed sys­tem to remove foul flows from the sur­face water sys­tem by divert­ing the waste flow auto­mat­i­cal­ly to the foul sew­er. This occurs dur­ing dry weath­er only. When a storm occurs and flow rates increase, the conec­tion between the foul and sur­face water sys­tems is closed to pre­vent hydrauli­cal­ly over­load­ing the foul system.

The Stein­hardt HydroSwitch® is a clever com­bi­na­tion of sim­ple man­hole con­struc­tion and durable Stein­hardt stain­less steel com­po­nents. Extreme­ly effec­tive and very economical!

Die HydroSwitch® Sewage Switch

  • safe and con­tin­u­ous diver­sion of waste streams to the treat­ment plant, exter­nal energy-free
  • pro­tects receiv­ing waters from pollution
  • tried and tested
  • an alter­na­tive to expen­sive stormwa­ter tanks
  • safe­guards stormwa­ter inlets, reduc­ing oper­a­tor risks
  • award­ed the Ernst Kun­ze Inven­tors‘ Award

The Advantages

  • low invest­ment costs com­pared to stormwa­ter set­tling tanks
  • self-oper­at­ing with no addi­tion­al oper­a­tional expenses
  • low space requirements
  • requires no exter­nal pow­er source 
  • high­ly vari­able design
  • for use in new or exist­ing sep­a­rate sew­er­age pipe systems
  • local fit­ting in exist­ing or new stormwa­ter sewers
Steinhardt HydroSwitch