• HydroSwitch® Sewage Switch
HydroSwitch® Sewage Switch

The cost-effective and reliable solution
for diverting wongly-connected foul flow
out of surface water sewers

The Problem

In many urban areas, there are foul drains connected to the surface water system. This has occurred for a number of reasons and it is sometimes very difficult to find where these connections are. These connection errors show up mainly at the Surface Water discharge point at a watercourse. The expensive solution is to survey the system to locate where the connections are and then carry out construction works to remove each one individually.
This could take many years and generate high costs. To avoid this, the HydroSwitch® flow diversion system was designed and has been used in some of the major urban areas to remove the pollution nuisance. 

The Solution

With the HydroSwitch®, Steinhardt provides a safe, tried and tested system to remove foul flows from the surface water system by diverting the waste flow automatically to the foul sewer. This occurs during dry weather only. When a storm occurs and flow rates increase, the conection between the foul and surface water systems is closed to prevent hydraulically overloading the foul system.

The Steinhardt HydroSwitch® is a clever combination of simple manhole construction and durable Steinhardt stainless steel components. Extremely effective and very economical!

Die HydroSwitch® Sewage Switch

  • safe and continuous diversion of waste streams to the treatment plant, external energy-free
  • protects receiving waters from pollution
  • tried and tested
  • an alternative to expensive stormwater tanks
  • safeguards stormwater inlets, reducing operator risks
  • awarded the Ernst Kunze Inventors‘ Award

The Advantages

  • low investment costs compared to stormwater settling tanks
  • self-operating with no additional operational expenses
  • low space requirements
  • requires no external power source 
  • highly variable design
  • for use in new or existing separate sewerage pipe systems
  • local fitting in existing or new stormwater sewers
Steinhardt HydroSwitch