Steinhardt designs equipment for Chinese sponge city show-case project

At the National Sponge City Forum 2019 in South China, the Managing Director of Steinhardt GmbH, Mr. Ingo Mayer, together with Steinhardt’s Chinese partner company GuHong, presented current project-related measures for sustainable stormwater management and treatment as well as flood protection.

The focus was on the first Chinese sponge city project carried out in Chizhou between 2016 and 2019. The construction of two catchment basins and a throughflow basin in combination with naturally occurring wetlands was planned in order to protect the nearby Qingxi River from excessive pollution from stormwater run-off. The sustainable development and implementation of the stormwater management and treatment measures impressed the Chinese central government who awarded the project a prize for innovation.

The large-scale rain overflow basin for the Chizhou Sponge City project has a rated discharge of 4,000 l/s. Steinhardt GmbH fitted the basin with a lamella separator for fine particle separation (HydroM.E.S.I.), a multi-line flushing system (HydroSelf) and a large number of valves and fixtures.