Major contract in Warsaw crowns longstanding
co-operation with MEVA-Pol

Steinhardt Director, Jörg Steinhardt, took the opportunity of his visit to the Wod-Kan trade show in Bydgoszcz to congratulate Meva-Pol, Steinhardt’s Polish agency based in Gdansk, on their 20thcompany anniversary. Jörg Steinhardt emphasised the profitable and competent collaboration with the Polish company which has distributed the Steinhardt products successfully since 2005.

Exemplary for the close working relationship between the two firms is a contract for equipping the largest rain overflow basin within the Polish capital’s sewerage network with a HydroSelf gate flushing system. In future, a total of 24 flushing gates, each 2.8 m wide, will help to keep the huge basin clean without the use of external power; a significant contribution towards protecting the receiving waters. The contract for this project was signed at the trade show, highlighting the firm’s anniversary celebrations.

Jörg Steinhardt concluded, “We look forward to the continuation of our amicable business relations with Meva-Pol and wish the Management as well as the staff members continuing success and satisfaction over the next 20 years!”