New from Steinhardt:
DilliGent® – chemical-free water purification

On 20thNovember 2018 Jürgen and Thomas Dillitzer, Company Partners of Dilligence Systems, signed a future-oriented agreement with Jörg Steinhardt, Managing Partner of Steinhardt GmbH, whereby Dilligence Systems shares were taken over in their entirety by Steinhardt. This has opened a new field of business for Steinhardt in the form of process water treatment. Prior to the agreement, Jürgen Dillitzer and Steinhardt GmbH had already carried out extensive product development work and had also registered several patents. With the DilliGent® products Steinhardt GmbH now offers a new chemical-free line for the process water technology sector. The innovative units perform chemical-free removal of Legionella bacteria from water cycles, long-lasting germ reduction in process and cooling water circuits, coolant care, sustainable hygiene in industrial washing processes and a chemical-free bacteria reduction and Legionella prevention in swimming pools.

The innovative Steinhardt DilliGent® water purification systems make effective use of hydro-mechanical cavitation – the implosion of tiny gas bubbles in fluids. The process releases pressures of up to 500 bar and temperatures up to 5,000 °C; bacteria, germs, yeasts and moulds in water are destroyed mechanically by these forces. Any residues are sustainably eliminated by natural oxidation.

The units can be retrofit in existing water circuits and are suitable for either continuous or intermittent operation. Thus, Steinhardt has become a forerunner in the production of physical water treatment systems that prevent re-contamination and the formation of resistance long-term and without the use of biocides.

A further pioneering product is the ScaleTec physical hardwater stabiliser. Here water flows through a ring-system of industrial magnets that deters the natural calcium crystallisation process, thus inhibiting deposits of limescale in pipework and taps. Existing limescale layers are broken down and new formation of limescale prevented – without chemicals and without electricity.