Stainless Steel Processing

Your stainless steel products

Stein­hardt GmbH Water Tech­nol­o­gy Sys­tems is the first address in Ger­many when you are look­ing for qual­i­ty stain­less steel pro­cess­ing. We work with a mod­ern Trumpf TCL 3030 laser cut­ter, loaded by a swap body, on which we can process sheets up to 3.000 x 1.500 mm. Our state-of-the-art IT sys­tem enables an exact trans­fer of the cut­ting pat­tern on to the stain­less steel sheets. Auto­mat­ic opti­mised nest­ing of the cut­ting pat­terns ensures min­i­mal mate­r­i­al wastage.

  • Cut­ting thick­ness up to 16 mm
  • Mod­ern con­trol tech­nol­o­gy for effi­cient mate­r­i­al utilisation
  • Pre-set pro­cess­ing para­me­ters acc. to engi­neer­ing tables
  • Pro­gram­ming by Tru­Tops software
  • Rapid change sys­tem for the cut­ting heads
  • Uncom­pli­cat­ed han­dling of your CAD or Solid­Works draw­ings in var­i­ous for­mats, such as .geo, .dxf or .ai files.

The laser’s degree of pre­ci­sion allows the pro­duc­tion of even small-scale pieces mea­sur­ing only 1.5 cm – such as the lit­tle bicy­cle to the right…

Fur­ther pro­cess­ing of your stain­less steel com­po­nents using:

  • a press brake (4m in length, 280 t)
  • an NC con­trolled lathe, milling machine and cut­ting machine
  • a punch or notch­ing machine
  • plate shears
  • MAG and WIG weld­ing equipment

We would be hap­py to pro­duce your com­plete prod­uct range for you. Give us a challenge!