Engineering Support

Our know-how for your planning

Benefit from our 35 years of experience and use our planning aids which we will be happy to provide you with.

Take advantage of our technical documentation which includes data, drawings and tender texts all relevant to planning. Under “Important Information for Operators and Planners”, for example, you can find frequent errors which should be avoided when planning a reliable system.

Well-planned plants

  • cause less operating costs,
  • ensure better operational safety
  • and, consequently, lead to a higher satisfaction of all concerned.

We would be happy to make suggestions for the safe operation of your plants and for potential cost-saving measures. We can also assist with the design of your structures to ensure optimum operation of our components.

The selection of your system alone – for instance, throttling or flushing – can significantly influence your maintenance costs in advance. The considered choice of equipment most suitable for performing the task in hand can also save on the necessary building measures.

You can contact us via the enquiry form.

Caution! Our planning aid in no way replaces active engineering planning activities. It is intended as a quick, reliable method of selecting effective, cost-efficient systems.