• HydroSwizz zig-zag floodwater barrier
HyroSwizz zig-zag floodwater barrier

The innovative flood barrier system – quick to set up and take down

The challenge

The no longer deniable climate change, global warming and the resultant shifts in weather events have brought about increased risks of heavy rainstorms and their
accompanying floods. And this does not only apply to
areas already identified or well-known as high-water zones.

The way 

The innovative HydroSwizz zig-zag floodwater barrier is ready for service within a very short time and, when the flood water has subsided, it is as quickly dismantled and packed away, requiring only a minimum of storage space.

The system 

The basis of the system is “anchor profiles”, set at an angle of 135° to each other and fitted flush to the ground into a prepared concrete foundation.

The profiles and the foundations are the only permanent parts of the system. There are no raised elements so that in normal dry conditions there is no visible impact on the landscape. Neither traffic nor pedestrians experience obstruction. Public life is unaffected by the system.

The steel sheets making up the barrier are slotted into the pre-formed profile. The receiving groove, into which the anchor profiles and therefore the steel sheets, too, are inserted, must face away from the water. As the water level rises, the water pressure pushes the barrier sheets tighter against the seal in the slotting groove, thus increasing the seal’s effectiveness. The barrier remains watertight against the rising floodwater. A bolting strip is used to fix the sheets together in a zig-zag path giving the protection barrier 100% stability and making extra supporting structures unnecessary.

The patented mobile flood barrier protection system has undergone rigorous testing. Finite element analysis for various critical load cases has been applied; this includes the case of a car colliding from the landward side or increased pressure from floating refuse on the water side.

Professor Dr.-Ing. M. Feldmann from the Technical University in Aachen concludes that, ”The mobile flood protection barrier system fulfils all relevant requirements of boundary conditions to provide ample security. Its strong feature is flexibility of design which allows extreme versatility of application. The system is simple and quick to erect which makes it a very promising solution for portable floodwater protection.”

The Advantages

  • quick and easy mounting
  • competitive cost com-pared to other flood protection systems
  • up to 2 m protection height
  • no supports 
  • no ground bolting
  • robust system, premium VA steel, steel or aluminium
  • easy logistics with one design for all protecting elements 
  • ready for re-use after simple cleaning
  • 90% storage gain in comparison to stoplogs or sandbags
  • elements and tools for 30 or 60 cm barrier in one transportation and storage case
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