HydroSwizz Emergency Flood Barrier

The innovative flood barrier system –
quick to set up and take down

The Problem

Global warming resulting in climate change and shifts in weather patterns has resulted in increased risk of heavy rainstorms and their accompanying floods. This does not only apply to areas already identified or well-known as flood plains but extended flood areas are more common.

The Way

The innovative HydroSwizz Flood Barrier is ready for service within a very short time to divert flood water and when the flood water has subsided, it is as quickly dismantled and packed away requiring only a minimum of storage space.

The System

The HydroSwizz Emergency Flood Barrier was developed as an alternative to sandbags. The barrier is easy to erect so that in an emergency your property can be quickly protected from flooding at a minimum of cost.

The HydroSwizz Emergency Flood Barrier can be used on almost any terrain and in any direction. Standard sealing material is used along the ground area of the protecting barrier. The barrier cannot be displaced either as it is fixed with a bracket or an anchor.

For improved stability, planks or boards can be laid across the top of the zig-zag barrier, and on the top of these sandbags can be laid to provide additional weight. You can even walk along the wall, if necessary.

The VA steel sheets are approx. 3 mm thick, approx. 14 kg each and are connected to one another using only 3 bolts (M10). They provide protection up to a height of 600 mm.

Only minimum storage space is needed for the sheets as they fit into each other for horizontal or vertical storage. For 10 metres of protective barrier only 12 boards are required.

The protective barrier can be viewed by appointment at the Technical University at Darmstadt.

The Advantages

  • stable, stand-alone zig-zag structure
  • robust system, premium VA steel, steel or aluminium
  • standard protection height approx. 0.6 m
  • quick and easy mounting
  • no supports required
  • wide range of applications
  • cheaper than other flood protection systems
  • fixing with or without ground anchor
  • easy logistics with one design for all protecting elements
  • ready for re-use after simple cleaning
  • 90% storage gain in comparison to stoplogs or sandbags