• HydroLatch FRB Equipment
HydroLatch® FRB Equipment

Long-life, low-maintenance components
for flood protection

The challenge

Flood protection generally refers to man-made structures and facilities. In this context, flood retention structures and polders are highly complex structures for retaining flood water. They include not just extensive earthworks but also technical equipment.

  • for the flooding of polders (Fig. 1)
  • for the draining of polders (Fig. 2)
  • for breaking up rockslides (Fig. 3)
  • for the retention of alluvial debris and rubble (Fig. 4)
  • for constant flow rates draining the FRB (Fig. 5, 7, 9, 10)
  • for braking the flow (Fig. 6)
  • for setting overflow levels (Fig. 1)
  • for guiding amphibians (Fig. 8)

The construction and the technical components have to be compatible and form a coherent unit. The dimensioning of technical equipment has to be future-proofed, safe and durable.

The products

Steinhardt GmbH has been successfully delivering flood protection projects for many years. We help with engineering and we won´t let you go under. Our technical equipment is made from stainless steel. It is solid, durable and operates, wherever possible, without electricity.  This means that installation far away from human habitation is a viable option. Steinhardt GmbH designs and manufactures facilities and equipment for four main points of focus.

  • Floodwater retention,
  • in alpine regions,
  • in urban areas,
  • in rural areas.
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