• HydroPass Separating Unit/Canal Separator
HydroPass Separating Unit/Canal Separator

Equipment for combined and separate sewer systems

The Challenge

Wher­ev­er sep­a­rat­ing units, over­flow cham­bers or chan­nel sep­a­ra­tors are used for small dis­charges, atten­tion must be paid to the prop­er instal­la­tion of the flow reg­u­lat­ing units and the pro­fes­sion­al use of the bench­ing pro­fil­ing. On-site con­struc­tion can often be poor which may mean recon­struc­tion result­ing in high costs.

The Way

The HydroPass units are designed and sup­plied with inter­nal con­trols bespoke to the site requirements.

HydroPass Separating Unit

The HydroPass sep­a­rat­ing unit is a small com­bined sew­er over­flow (CSO) and is installed with­in the com­bined sew­er­age sys­tem. The design is in keep­ing with ATV A.128 e.g. by a local engi­neer office. The HydroPass sep­a­rat­ing unit is equipped with a HydroSlide flow reg­u­la­tor, an emer­gency weir, an over­flow weir and a baf­fle plate. Accord­ing to local require­ments it may be advis­able to install a height adjustable over­flow weir and/ or a float­ing baf­fle plate to per­mit fine adjust­ment on site.

Round shaft dimensions
DN 1000, DN1500, DN 2000, DN 2500
Fur­ther dimen­sions on enquiry. Please sub­mit the fur­ther dis­charge Qd, the dis­charge quan­ti­ty Qe and the heights of the inlet, out­flow and over­flow weir. 

HydroPass Canal Separator

The HydroPass canal sep­a­ra­tor is a small cham­ber for the sep­a­ra­tion of excess flow. It is used in com­bined sew­er­age sys­tems and qual­i­fied sep­a­rat­ing sys­tems. The design of the cham­ber will be bespoke to the site and sub­ject to hydraulic require­ments. The HydroPass canal sep­a­ra­tor con­sists of the HydroSlide flow reg­u­la­tor, an over­flow weir and a baf­fle plate. If the accu­ra­cy of the Pass For­ward Flow (PFF) plays a sub­or­di­nate role, the HydroLim­iter float-con­trolled slide is used. If the reten­tion of float­ing mate­ri­als plays a sub­or­di­nate role, the baf­fle plate may be omit­ted from the design.

Typ­i­cal areas of appli­ca­tion for the HydroPass canal sep­a­ra­tor are

  • Before sep­a­rat­ing instal­la­tions to improve clean­ing performance
  • Before fil­tra­tions in qual­i­fied mixed or separating
  • In bypass solu­tions where a par­tial treat­ment e.g. of the sur­face water, runs par­al­lel to the main treatment.

Note: The HydroPass canal sep­a­ra­tor is not a sub­sti­tute for the HydroSwitch® waste­water switch.

The Advantages

  • com­pact shaft
  • low invest­ment costs
  • low oper­a­tional costs
  • low con­struc­tion costs
  • option­al: float­ing baf­fle plate
  • option­al: height adjustable over­flow crest
  • option­al: auto­mat­ic  block­age clearance