HydroLimiter® Slide Valve

Active, robust flow control for regulating water levels and managing cascades

The Area of Application

Modern sewer networks handle storm water, mixed effluents and wastewater using flow controls and discharge regulators, such as the HydroSlide and ElectroSlide from the Steinhardt product range. These units keep discharges from attenuation structures and sewers constant over the whole impounding head (Q = const). Limiting flows is a separate task; for example, a flow must be set according to one specific impounding head value. The unit selected will regulate the flow to ensure that the flow rate is not exceeded.

The Solution

The HydroLimiter is extremely well-suited to control discharges or to limit maximum water levels. It is a cost effective alternative when accuracy of the discharge is of secondary importance. The HydroLimiter is supplied in three variants; M, N and S, dependent upon the depth of water to be controlled. These units differ from the HydroSlide range in that the unit’s float is directly connected to the orifice shutter and the depth of water directly alters the aperture. The HydroSlide has a ‘control cam’ which modifies the orifice opening to maintain a constant discharge. As the HydroLimiter has no modifying  ‘control cam’, the discharge curve of the unit is an elongated ‘S‘, similar to that of a vortex regulator. The HydroLimiter is available in sizes 150 mm to 1000 mm. Each unit has a choice of one of six settings to suit required flow needs, the flow curves included within this document can be used for selection purposes. The discharge characteristics required should be clarified with Steinhardt GmbH.

HydroLimiter OW model
(upstream/inlet installation)
The discharge characteristics of the HydroLimiter in upstream configuration can be adjusted on site by altering the lever position in accordance with the discharge flow diagram. Discharge characteristics are influenced by the backwater and the maximum discharges decrease.

HydroLimiter UW model
(downstream/outlet installation)
The HydroLimiter serves to limit the maximum flow rate passing downstream. This will cause the upstream system to surcharge into an attenuation system. The HydroLimiter UW model is reinforced in order to cope with high hydraulic pressure. The discharge characteristics should be clarified with Steinhardt GmbH.

The Advantages

  • controls discharges
  • limits maximum water levels
    for forming cascades
  • low-cost alternative when discharge accuracy is subordinate
  • complete stainless-steel construction, material 1.4301 (V2A), 1.4571 (V4A) on request
  • robust construction
  • easy mounting, no wall clearance
  • complete with stainless-steel fastenings and sealing material