• HydroBeam Stoplog System
HydroBeam® Stoplog System

Mobile flood protection –
suitable for uneven terrain

The Challenge

One result of global warming and the associated climate change is the clear increase in frequency of extreme rain events since the turn of the millennium. The risk potential for flooding has become more critical.

Most recent examples of this phenomenon were the flooding on the Elbe and the Danube, which caused property damage in the range of millions. A timely reaction to flood events, for example by constructing a sandbag dam, is hardly possible in the short time available. Added to this, such measures are costly and time-consuming.

The Solution

With the HydroBeam Stoplog System Steinhardt GmbH offers a high-end, mobile protection barrier to provide quick and effective securing of large areas against flooding. The standardised system is characterised by high flexibility and is easy and quick to erect and dismantle.

The upright HydroBeam system Type mHWS-90 is anchored into the ground by means of a robust support construction. One stoplog unit of 1 m height and 3 m length represents the equivalent of around 500 sandbags. The possible head heights and field lengths can be calculated with the aid of the diagram on the right. A specialist engineer should be consulted to determine ground seepage and buoyancy safety, otherwise additional sheet piles and concrete walls may become necessary.

Other factors to be taken into consideration are dynamic forces such as waves, lateral currents and flotsam collision as laid down by the BWK, M3.

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The Advantages:

  • robust construction for the absorption of strong forces
  • highly effective HydroBeam double sealing system
  • special PU sealing evens out ground (up to 15 mm)
  • load values calculated by an independent body
  • simple and quick mounting
  • free selection of field widths
  • retrofit possible and combinable with existing systems/structures
  • visually integrated into the landscape
  • aluminium light-weight stoplogs from approx. 5.11 kg/m
  • specification of support segments with erection plan
  • efficient HydroBeam storage system
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