• HydroBeam Mobile Sewer Safeguard
HydroBeam® Mobile Sewer Protection

Mobile isolation system for sewers, culverts, storage constructions and attenuation ponds

The Challenge

Safe work­ing in sew­ers is required when main­te­nance works and inspec­tions are to be car­ried out. All waste-water facil­i­ties have to be ser­viced and inspect­ed reg­u­lar­ly. For this, sec­tions of the sew­er­age sys­tem may need to be dammed, dried out and the flow divert­ed. In some cas­es the flow has to be stopped lead­ing to water stor­age upstream of the works.

The Way 

Gates or pen­stocks are often used to car­ry out this task. Pro­vi­sion and main­te­nance of con­trol gates and pen­stocks can be uneco­nom­ic and expen­sive. They can­not be used for damming in flat-floored cul­vert net­works because of insuf­fi­cient oper­a­tional heights. In this case, mobile damming sys­tems can be used.

The Solution 

Mobile sew­er safe­guards with HydroBeam® stop-logs — they are eas­i­ly installed from the ground into exist­ing guide frames. The guide frames seal on both sides and the stop-logs are com­pressed by the lock­ing sys­tem to close secure­ly and make water-tight.

The HydroBeam® seal­ing system’s per­for­mance is well below the leak­ing lim­its allowed by DIN 19569–4. Retro­fits for attach­ing the guide frames can be sup­plied depend­ing on the project. Cost-effec­tive stop-logs / beams can be applied for a range of water heights.

Special Requirements 

Sew­ers can con­tain inflam­ma­ble gas­es togeth­er with aggres­sive chem­i­cals with­in waste­water. HydroBeam® stop-logs for use in sew­ers can be made with alu­mini­um or stain­less steel upon request. In addi­tion, the HydroBeam® stop-logs can be coat­ed for explo­sion pro­tec­tion and / or chem­i­cal resis­tance, espe­cial­ly in the case of aluminium.

The Advantages

  • low cost, robust construction
  • light alu­mini­um con­struc­tion (approx. 7 kg/m)
  • reli­able, water-tight damming of sewers
  • mobile appli­ca­tion for diver­sion, damming and ele­va­tion of water lev­el retention
  • fast secur­ing of struc­tures for safe work­ing conditions
  • back­wa­ter resistant
  • seal­ing on both sides
  • seals can be changed
  • spe­cial EPDM seal­ing for evening out of floor (up to approx.15 mm)
  • choice of stain­less steel or aluminium
  • option­al coating
  • option­al sealing
  • pro­tec­tion with coverings