• HydroBeam Mobile Sewer Safeguard
HydroBeam® Mobile Sewer Protection

Mobile isolation system for sewers, culverts, storage constructions and attenuation ponds

The Challenge

Safe working in sewers is required when maintenance works and inspections are to be carried out. All waste-water facilities have to be serviced and inspected regularly. For this, sections of the sewerage system may need to be dammed, dried out and the flow diverted. In some cases the flow has to be stopped leading to water storage upstream of the works.

The Way 

Gates or penstocks are often used to carry out this task. Provision and maintenance of control gates and penstocks can be uneconomic and expensive. They cannot be used for damming in flat-floored culvert networks because of insufficient operational heights. In this case, mobile damming systems can be used.

The Solution 

Mobile sewer safeguards with HydroBeam® stop-logs – they are easily installed from the ground into existing guide frames. The guide frames seal on both sides and the stop-logs are compressed by the locking system to close securely and make water-tight.

The HydroBeam® sealing system’s performance is well below the leaking limits allowed by DIN 19569-4. Retrofits for attaching the guide frames can be supplied depending on the project. Cost-effective stop-logs / beams can be applied for a range of water heights.

Special Requirements 

Sewers can contain inflammable gases together with aggressive chemicals within wastewater. HydroBeam® stop-logs for use in sewers can be made with aluminium or stainless steel upon request. In addition, the HydroBeam® stop-logs can be coated for explosion protection and / or chemical resistance, especially in the case of aluminium.

The Advantages

  • low cost, robust construction
  • light aluminium construction (approx. 7 kg/m)
  • reliable, water-tight damming of sewers
  • mobile application for diversion, damming and elevation of water level retention
  • fast securing of structures for safe working conditions
  • backwater resistant
  • sealing on both sides
  • seals can be changed
  • special PU sealing for evening out of floor (up to approx.15 mm)
  • choice of stainless steel or aluminium
  • optional coating
  • optional sealing
  • protection with coverings