• HydroLatch Flood gates
HydroLatch® Flood gates

Reliable flood protection for sewerage and watercourse systems 

The Challenge

Flood pro­tec­tion is also nec­es­sary under­ground so that flood water does not come  through the “back door“, i.e. through the sew­er, to flood streets and hous­es. Streams and rivers over­flow their banks more often, more inten-sive­ly and faster due to large imper­me­able areas and loss of flood plains. The warn­ing and reac­tion times are short­er; sand bag bar­ri­ers and man­u­al­ly-oper­at­ed valves are time-con­sum­ing and labour intensive.

The Way 

All over­flow sills, inlets and out­let sew­ers in com­bined and stormwa­ter net­works can be secured with Hydro-Latch® flood gates to pre­vent flood­ing of the sew­er net­work. The flood gates work auto­mat­i­cal­ly and with­out elec­tric­i­ty. The Hydro­Latch® flood gates also allow a safe over­flow from com­bined and stormwa­ter net­works dur­ing rain. Even if the Hydro­Latch® flood gates are flood­ed, drainage occurs as long as the water pres­sure in the sew­er net­work is high­er. The spe­cial Stein­hardt® seal is reli­able and durable. All Hydro­Latch® flood gates  are project-designed so that the gate cov­er is light (low resis­tance = large flow-rate) but heavy enough to pre­vent lift­ing by flow velocity.

The  Products

The top-hinged Hydro­Latch® flood gates Mod­el HLA-HK can be applied wher­ev­er there is suf­fi­cient head dif­fer­ence. They are designed as rec­tan­gu­lar or cir­cu­lar flood gates and can be installed to pro­tect overflow/outfall pipework from sur­charg­ing. They are designed with a smooth-open­ing cov­er to enable open­ing for low dis­charge flows; this is achieved by extra weights or the angle of incli­na­tion of the flap.

Bot­tom-hinged  Hydro­Latch® flood gates Mod­el HLA-FK can be applied wher­ev­er the water lev­el dif­fer­ence is very small. The flood gates are designed as float­able fish-bel­ly gates. They can be adjust­ed exact­ly to the float­ing-up point by fill­ing counter weight water inside by means of fill­ing and emp­ty­ing noz­zles. The fish-bel­ly gates have the advan­tage of low loss­es and are installed pro­tect­ed in over­flow chambers.

The Advantages

  • robust, stain­less steel
  • no elec­tric­i­ty
  • high oper­a­tional reliability
  • easy and fast to install
  • with fix­ing mate­ri­als, frames, seal­ing and cover
  • durable, reli­able flood gate sealing
  • open with small­est water pressure
  • angle of incli­na­tion option­al 
  • weights option­al
  • warn­ing sys­tem optional