HydroDal Property Protection

Innovative property protection against heavy storms – simple, inconspicuous, reliable

The Challenge

Our weather is changing. Rainfall is increasing in frequency and intensity. Apart from well-publicised flooding crises affecting flowing rivers and coastal areas, there is an increase in localised, short-term heavy rainfall caused by convective precipitation, in particular by thunder storms. Torrents occur with no previous warning and can cause immense damage in a very short time. A quick response to these extreme storm events with classic measures such as sandbags is no longer feasible.

The Solution

The new HydroDal Property Protection System will protect your home within a short time and can be optimally adapted to the individual look of your façade. Steinhardt HydroDal consists of high-grade aluminium profiles, fitted by the Steinhardt specialists. The quickly “slot-in”, made-to-measure sealing boards will protect your windows, doors and gates securely from sudden torrential rainfall.

The hinged guide frames snap quickly around the light sealing boards which can be removed just as easily when the storm is over. A quick wipe over and they can be stored in your cellar or garage without taking up much room.

So as not to spoil the appearance of your façade, the permanently mounted HydroDal hinged frames are available in different colours.

In short: with the Steinhardt HydroDal Property Protection System you are swiftly and safely guarded against sudden extreme rainfall.

The Advantages

  • super quick and easy mounting when flooding threatens
  • no modification of your building necessary
  • unobtrusive pre-mounted frames blend into your building’s appearance
  • guide frames available in different colours
  • ideal for windows and doors
  • special constructions available, e.g. for gates, on request